Below is a list of my services and donations. If the request you have is not listed please go to the contacts page, fill out the form and I will get back to you ASAP.

Upon arrival please have your donation ready in a plain white unmarked envelope and placed in clear view without any discussion at the onset of our arrangement.

If we are meeting in public please place the donation in a small gift bag.

Thank you …

90 Minutes // Recommended $750
One Hour $500
Two Hours $900
Three Hours $1300(Please add $100 if you would like to stay in for the entire date)
Four Hours – lunch or dinner $1700
Eight Hours $2600
Twelve Hours $3800
Twenty-Four Hours $6000
Trip To Islands $50,000

This is a one time thing for me. I’m a Greek virgin. Have I thought about it? Sure. Have I indulged? No. Never. Does the thought of being with a virgin excite you? The thought of showing me, teaching me, being soft and gentle. Talking me through it all the while feeling a tightness you yourself have never experienced before. We’ll spend several hours together. Learning each other, going out on the town. A drink or 2, a show. All leading up to the main event.

Please add $100 for any outcall appointmentS outside of a 30 mile radius of my incall location at the time. OUTCALLS ARE A MINIMUM OF 90 MINUTES

Additional Options

Please specify beforehand for one of the options below. If no option is specified prior to the appointment, my GFE rate listed above will be in effect.

Foot Fetish $300
You love feet, toes, high arches, in your mouth, in your hands, rubbing on your body…..come see what my perfectly pedicured size 8s can do for you.You will be pleased to know that I have been satisfying men with foot fetishes for over 10 years. This is something I started while I was dancing and am very experienced at it.I have plenty of foot jewelry and toes rings to jazz up my little tootsies. Of course you are welcome to bring anything you would like to see on my feet, food items included. I know you would to see my pretty toes covered in something special so that you can lick it off. I can bring thigh highs, pantyhose, knee socks, anything you would like! Ruffled ankle socks are my favorite.

Happy ending on my feet. Full Service? No.

Pics/video of my feet during our session is available for additional $50.


Jenna’s La Collection Privee $30
A pair of my panties to call your own. Close your eyes…breathe in…can you smell my LOVE?I have drawers full of panties that I am willing to let you have…Thongs, full back, boy shorts in every color…….lace, cotton, silk, you name it.

You tell me what you want, I’ll wear them for 24 hours. Shopping, at the gym, walking the dog, laying around watching TV, to bed……..ALL DAY!

I’ll also include a few pics of me wearing them throughout the day.

Would you like to pick out my panties for me?

Please feel free to order any pair, size medium, from In the notes just say they are for Jenna Love. My address is on file with them and I will receive them within a few days.

You can get the panties during our next session together, or they can be mailed directly to you.

The above options are available in a GFE session at my GFE rate.